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For 35 years, Instantiations has been continually expanding its capabilities. Although traditionally focused on development platform creation, language runtimes, and the tooling to support them, Instantiations is now investing in the staff, technology, and infrastructure needed to support and extend existing applications that were built using the VAST Platform (as well as other technologies).

The first example of Instantiations' application-specific support applies to the Financial Technology (Fintech) space.  With its new Fintech Services line, Instantiations is leveraging deep knowledge of platform creation and software development tooling, while simultaneously expanding knowledge related to Fintech through extensive technology acquisition and staff growth.

Instantiations has positioned itself to provide ongoing support and custom engineering for existing  Fintech systems where companies may be inappropriately structured to continue internally maintaining these systems themselves.
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Continued support for mission-critical systems

In mid-2022, Instantiations started preparations for this new business line when it was approached by one of its Fintech customers. Conversations revealed that they (and other organizations) needed help supporting mission-critical systems that they've built in-house.

Based upon decades of experience doing something similar with VAST (and that VAST is the core technology inside many of these Fintech systems), Instantiations was uniquely qualified to assist.  As a result, Instantiations reached an agreement to support and further modernize this first group of Fintech systems. And as of January 1, 2024, Instantiations started supporting various tier 1 and tier 2 financial institutions in the US and Canada on a number of their important software solutions.

To staff this line, Instantiations has built an additional team of engineers and staff who are Fintech industry veterans. Plus, additional engineers with expertise in VAST, Java, COBOL, and other critical industry skills were brought onboard to maintain the core technologies in these important systems. 

As technology and domain knowledge support needs increase, so will Instantiations' investment in them to keep pace.

Custom engineering with VAST at the forefront

The VAST Platform is one of the primary technologies that underpins many of the new Fintech systems that Instantiations is supporting. And Instantiations is in the unique position — as the underlying platform and technology developer — to better support and enhance these end-user applications as a result. 

Effectively this gives us the ability to make advanced customizations and improvements at very low levels within the VAST software if necessary, and also provides us deeper knowledge of how these systems fundamentally work. Instantiations is well-versed in updating VAST with new features where breaking changes or regressions must be avoided at all costs, which gives us the experience to effectively and carefully work on these Fintech systems.

Beyond VAST, Instantiations' staff brings knowledge of programming languages, like Java and COBOL, to provide expertise with other Fintech systems and applications that may need custom engineering and modernization.

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Fintech Support Portal

Created specifically for these new services from Instantiations, this portal is a dedicated resource for financial institution customers needing to request maintenance and support services as well as view documentation.
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