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What's Next for the VAST Platform?

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VAST Platform 2024 (13.0.0)

Coming Q1 2024!
Stay tuned for an updated roadmap for the next version of VAST!

Possible Features for Future Releases

Many of the below items were collected from the previous Instantiations survey, but if you were unable to participate or if a feature you want is missing, please contact us at:

Language & Runtime

  • Native Apple M1/Intel and macOS Support
  • Support for new processor architectures like RISC-V

Core Libraries

  • Tar archive stream support
  • Further Unicode integration

Development Tools

  • Enhanced remote debugging support for runtime images
  • Updated code change detection and merge engine

User Interface & Visuals

  • GTK for Linux
  • Updated GUI icons for the VAST IDE

Communications & Web Dev

  • Websockets
  • gRPC and HTTP/2
  • Improved REST framework (with native SST classes)
  • LSP support for connecting VAST to other dev environments like VS code
  • JOSE and JSON web tokens
  • Authorization/Authentication support (i.e. OAuth2.0, OpenID)
  • LDAP/LDAPS integration with Server Smalltalk


  • MySQL/MariaDB Support
  • NoSQL Support


  • Pending review...

Version Control

  • Further Git functionality in VAST environment


  • Packager enhancements to simplify deployment

Additional Libraries

  • Pending review...

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