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What's Next for the VAST Platform?

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VAST Platform 2022 (11.0.0)

VAST 2022 coming in Q1 2022!
We've already slated the following features, but more may be added:

New Windows TableView

Implementation of the Windows Table Control for a native look in VAST that provides a great looking widget for row and column data.

ARM Processor Support
32 & 64-bit with JIT

Current internal builds are already running well on both cloud-based processors like Amazon AWS' Graviton2 and small, single board computers like the Raspberry Pi.
Unicode Examples

Unicode Support Framework

Internationalization with new classes in VAST to provide first-class Unicode support and a comprehensive solution.

Updates to Seaside

Update to the latest version of Seaside to provide richer web framework capability. Additional community coding work will be done to facilitate easier porting of future versions.

Asynchronous Streams Framework

An asynchronous stream of data and/or events that can be used along with our futures/promises framework.

Asynchronous Zones

Control and monitor asynchronous activities and tasks within your program.


Get the next generation bi-directional communication technology for web applications.

Automated Build Support (ABS)

Streamline your workflow and automate builds for regular and XD packaging.


Access and transfer remote files natively from the VAST Platform.

Expanded Tonel Framework

Many new features, improvements, and fixes to Tonel tools for more Git-friendliness.

OpenSSL 3.0

Updated security framework including the FIPS module as well as more cryptographic algorithyms and SSL modules.

Streaming HTTP Client

Process HTTP responses asynchronously in chunks for improved multi-gigabyte data transfers.

Windows 11, Server 2022 Support 

Official support for the latest version of Windows and Windows Server with the VAST Platform.

Multi-Monitor Awareness

VAST will intelligently spawn new windows on the active monitor you're using, instead of on the primary screen.

Possible Features for Future Releases:


  • Native Apple M1/Intel and macOS Support
  • Support for new processor architectures like RISC-V
  • Enhanced filesystem API

Core Libraries

  • Cryptographic Callbacks
  • Tar archive stream support


  • gRPC and HTTP/2
  • LSP support for connecting VAST to other dev environments like VS code
  • JOSE and JSON web tokens
  • Authorization/Authentication support (i.e. OAuth2.0, OpenID)
  • LDAP/LDAPS integration with Server Smalltalk
  • Web services tooling improvements
  • MySQL/MariaDB Support
  • NoSQL Support

Version Control

  • Git/GitHub integration in VAST environment

Development Tools

  • Enhanced Remote Debugging support for runtime images
  • Updated code change detection and merge engine
  • Enhanced IC for better memory sharing
  • Packager enhancements to simplify deployment

Look and Feel

  • GTK for Linux

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