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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Why is Instantiations on GitHub and

A: Some of our GitHub repos give VAST users a great way to preview certain technologies before they are available in the core product. Other software we've created may never be available as part of the VAST Platform, or isn't related to VAST, but regardless, we wanted to make them open source and available to the community.

Q: Can I contribute to Instantiations' open source projects?

A: Yes, we welcome external contributions. To get involved, email us at, and let us know which projects you're interested in.

Q: Are there any software requirements to use Instantiations' open source software within VAST?

A: See each repo's "README" file for more details. Some software requires the use of Tonel, which requires VAST Platform (VA Smalltalk) 9.2.1 or higher. Find Tonel at:

Q: Can I use software within Instantiations' GitHub or for commercial purposes?

A: Usually, but always consult the license agreement within each repo/package for the details of allowed usage just to be sure.

Q: What's the difference between Instantiations' GitHub, the VAST Community Hub, and Instantiations'

A: We encourage community involvement in all places, but the VAST Community Hub uses a more community-driven approach with limited oversight by Instantiations. In contrast, our engineers give extra attention to the code within Instantiations' GitHub and Unlike our GitHub and VAST Community Hub, only has software related Dart and Flutter.

Q: Will Instantiations do regular maintenance and development for the projects within Instantiations' GitHub and

A: Instantiations will maintain and update code in our GitHub and on a best effort basis. In some cases, the open source software found in our GitHub repos will eventually be integrated into the VAST Platform.
"Instantiations looks to other ecosystems (like the Rust or Dart programming languages) to not only learn from them, but also give back to these communities by releasing code. That's the way it should be, and that helps the software development world evolve."

Joachim Tuchel
Founder, objektfabrik

Together, we can build something great.

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