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VAST Platform 2021 (All Versions) Readme

VAST Platform 2021 (All Versions) Readme

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Welcome to VAST 2021
News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates
Distributed Files
Migration Guide
Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.2)
Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.1)
Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.0)

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Welcome to VAST 2021

Design it. Build it. Deploy it.
Create object-oriented software that’s stable, easy to maintain, and deploys smoothly — all from the same comprehensive development environment.

What's New in VAST 2021?

-Migration to LLVM 10 compiler toolchain
-Asynchronous callins
-SELinux Support

Core Libraries
-Cross-Platform OsProcess framework
-Futures/Promises Asynchronous Framework
-High-resolution Timer
-Secure RNG Stream
-Swapper Performance Increase
-Enhanced Walkback Generator

Development Tools
-Brace Array Syntax
-Method Type Annotations

Version Control
-Git/Tonel Integration

Look and Feel
-Hi-DPI Fixes and Enhancements
-Product Branding and Other Visual Updates

-Improved SMTP Handling
-IBM MQ Series SSL/TLS Support and 64-bit Updates
-Socket Fixes and Enhancements

-Improved Documentation Generator / Mobile Friendly

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News, Technical Tips, and Product Updates

Go to '' and follow us on social media for the latest information about the VAST Platform and Instantiations.

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Distributed Files

Product Installer
The product installer installs the Client and Manager components of the VAST product as well as a development IDE setup tool. The Client component contains the VAST development IDE. The Manager component contains the VAST library (source code repository) file and the EMSRV code used to access the repository file in a team environment. There are two versions of the product installer: one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit installations.

Documentation Archive
Uncompress the documentation archive to get a local copy of the VAST documentation onto your workstation.

Server Runtime
This is the runtime support needed for deploying Smalltalk applications developed using VAST. There is no formal install program for Server Runtime. You simply unpack the runtime files and add your packaged VAST application into the resulting directory structure. You must download and unpack the correct Server Runtime package for your operating system. The files needed to include at runtime are listed in Redistributable Runtime Files. (

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Run the downloadeded VAST Platform Product Installer, VASTPlatform2021_10.0.2x86.exe (32-bit) or VASTPlatform2021_10.0.2x64.exe (64-bit). Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at (, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive.

If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first. Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool to configure your environment so you can launch VAST. If you are using the headless installer to install the Manager alone, make sure the directory into which you want to install the manager has been created before starting the headless install. Refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions.

Uncompress the downloaded VAST Product Installer for your platform and your preference for 32-bit or 64-bit. Choose whether you would like to install the full standalone product, or just the client or manager configuration. Before running the Product installer, change directory to where vainstall is.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall standalone in a terminal. sudo ./vainstall also installs standalone.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall manager in a terminal.

Run the Product Installer by executing sudo ./vainstall client in a terminal.

Complete installation instructions, such as how to set up EMSRV, can be found in the Installation Guide. The Installation Guide can be read online at (, or locally after you unpack the VAST Platform Documentation Archive. If you are doing a Custom install, to install the Manager on a different machine than the Client(s), we recommend you install the Manager first.

Note: There are special steps for installing on Linux which are documented in the Installation Guide.
Once you have installed the Manager and the Client, refer to the Installation Guide for further instructions on how to use the Environments tool
to configure your environment so you can launch VAST.

* * *

Migration Guide

If you have a version of VAST already installed, please refer to the Migration Guide for important information before using VAST 2021.
The Migration Guide can be read online at, or as a pdf ( or it can be read locally if you installed local documentation.

* * *

Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.2)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
67905 [Tools] EmImageTypeExamples has an empty class extension on EmImageType
67927 [Tools] Wrong implementation of CtMeasure>>isInstanceVariableAccessor:
67936 [Abt] Interface Spec not updated properly when loading BIDI and OLE VA Level features
67946 [UI] Scrolling List walkback
67954 [Sst] SstCron fails to properly deal with jobs that are scheduled for ilegal times due to DST
67970 [Tools] Default font for VAST browser and code panes should use segoe ui, not the WidgetFontName
67979 [Database][DB2][ODBC] A memory overflow occurs during column query in 64-bit mode
67980 [JIT] A memory segment overflow occurred during method decompilation if a segment is small
67985 [Abt] More roboust AbtMRIManager>registerStringsForApp:
67986 [UI] execLongOperationsInBackground menu toggle not accurate in fresh image
68006 [Database][Oracle] Reading LOBs larger the buffer size into memory buffer not working
68007 [Base] More robust fullPathToLoadedLinuxSharedLibrary: and tryDumpingSectionNamed:with:
68017 [Base] Fix Integer >> powerOfTen based on the new numbers e-representations in VAST 10
68021 [Tools] SUnitBrowserResult>>#runRerunableVersion: should not hardcode TestResult but use #resultClass instead
68029 [UI] Comment in CgDisplay class>usePre92SystemEquivalentWidgetFontName references wrong method name
68035 [WindowBuilder] "WindowBuilder Pro - Runtime" fails to load on b485 due to missing "ENVY/Image Extended Widgets"
68039 [Server Runtimes] Linux SRTs need to include custom versions of abtnx and nodialog
68053 Remove the InstallShield Wizard Completed text from the x86 installation canceled/interrupted final dialog
68055 [VM] Fix loading working images with size > 2G

* * *

Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.1)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
62902 Add a link to the online documentation under Help on the System Transcript
67332 [Installer] b464_If Win installer is executed as admin user from start, manager file is not writable by standard users
67582 [Database] Add support for connecting to remote PostgreSQL database
67809 [Base] Fix return type in type annotation for EsFuture>>waitFor
67810 [Packaging] Methods with pragmas fail to package (shared bytecodes with different literals size)
67844 [Sockets] Fix Socket creation regression on Windows
67850 [Tools] Class Definition Compiler should consider shape of proposed superclass
67859 [Doc] LDAP rtf has no images
67863 [Packaging] Add doNotReduce packaging instruction to SstImap4SslCommunications app
67864 [Code Assist] Add magic value patterns to bytecode analysis of VMprSendNoTempsNoBlock
67865 [VM] Enhance usage of libffi to allow usage with SELinux
67866 [Doc] Remove SELinux restriction from Readmes and Documentation
67899 [VM] Fix a regression in jitted code for 10.0
67894 [Packaging] More robust CorePI class >> packagingRulesFor:
67899 [Installer] Red Hat 8.3 VAST 64 bits installer is trying to install 32 bits libc

* * *

Corrections and Enhancements (10.0.0)

Case Title
----- ----------------------------------------------------------
53671 [Base] Character>>#isDigit is not ANSI Smalltalk compliant
62946 [VM] Fix abtntsir and abtntsrv manifest files for 64-bit
62899 [Tools] Cannot copy classes in application browsers
63875 [OsProcess] Native Process API Enhancements
64039 [Base] Increase number of CfsFileStream >> defaultBufferSize
64266 [Crypto] Improve the situation when OpenSSL is not properly configured and Seaside expects it to be
64373 [Tools] Made all RefactoryTesting tests pass on product test suite
64730 [VM] ARM 32/64 LLVM Interpreter and Just-In-Time Compiler implemented
64815 [Base] 64 bits stack dump not working
64957 [Tools] XD debugger cannot save methods
65093 [VM] Support Async Callins
65438 [Tools] Detect if Scintilla editor is destroyed on parse tree update
65440 [Tools] Invalid memory alloc argument in Scintilla editor
65464 [Mail] SMTP: Ensure single AUTH value is converted to collection in EHLO
65466 [Mail] SMTP: Recache capabilities on HELO fallback
65469 [Tools] Sort reports of "Tools" -> "Query"
65476 [Code Assist] Add .ws file extension to list for default smalltalk highlighting in workspaces
65478 [Mail] SMTP: Remove initial empty client req
65479 [Mail] SMTP: Allow login: API to accept nil param
65496 [Abt] 'CASE 2709351' abtAsNumber should check for zero
65531 [Code Assist] Fix selector identification from selected text in StsScintillaSmalltalkStyler
65538 [Sockets] Make #callFreeAddrinfoWith: async and small cleanup
65539 [Sockets] Fix threads leak in sockets #connect: due to non local return and document limitation
65559 [STON] Change STONWriter default lineDelimiter from CR to local platform default
65564 [Crypto] Ensure PEM read/write password args are null terminated
65605 [OsProcess] Implement OsEnvironment in OsProcesses app
65606 [OsProcess] Cleanup and refactor UNIXEnvironment prims in process vm module
65615 [OsProcess] Cleanup and refactor UNIXProcess prims in process vm module
65616 [OsProcess] Implement OsNativeProcess in OsProcesses app
65622 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcessStarter in OsProcesses app
65661 [UI] '&' in AbtLabelView not shown correctly
65664 [Tools] Speedup SUnit Browser
65674 [UI] Changed a comment to refer to Linux default font rather than Windows default font.
65691 [EMSRV] Make EmLibraryInterface more error resilient on runtimes walkback dumping
65693 [OsProcess] Reimplement cross-platform Pipe prims for Read/Write Pipe Streams in OsProcesses app
65695 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcessFileDescriptor in OsProcesses app
65696 [OsProcess] Implement stdin, stdout, stderr file descriptor accessors in OsProcesses app
65697 [OsProcess] Support redirect to file descriptors with read/write/atomic append support
65699 [OsProcess] Support Relative, UNC and Long Prefix path names in OsProcess redirects
65700 [OsProcess] Support redirect to special Null file descriptor (cross-platform)
65701 [OsProcess] Support redirect to Pipes connected to Smalltalk pipe streams
65727 [OsProcess] Implement OsVastSubprocess in OSProcesses app
65728 [OsProcess] Implement Futures to provide an Event-Driven process completion notification for users
65798 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcessException
65829 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcess I/O drainer for pipes
65844 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcess Pipeline support
65848 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcessPipeStreams
65849 [OsProcess] Implement blocking and non-blocking API for OsReadPipeStream
65850 [OsProcess] Implement blocking API for OsWritePipeStream
65852 [OsProcess] Implement safe windows command line parsing for CreateProcess
65904 [OsProcess] Implement detachable subprocesses in OSProcesses app
65905 [OsProcess] Implement Unicode support for program name, args, working dir, and environment in OSProcesses
65996 [OsProcess] Implement fork/exec engine for Linux subprocess spawn
65997 [OsProcess] Implement vfork/exec engine for Linux subprocess spawn
65998 [OsProcess] Implement posix_spawn engine for Linux subprocess spawn
65999 [OsProcess] Implement CreateProcess engine for Windows subprocess spawn
66000 [OsProcess] Add customizable 'engine' option to OsProcessStarter
66001 [OsProcess] Add 'detached' option to OsProcessStarter
66002 [OsProcess] Add 'environment' option to OsProcessStarter
66003 [OsProcess] Add redirection/inherit StdIO options to OsProcessStarter
66004 [OsProcess] Add 'workingDirecctory' option to OsProcessStarter
66010 [OsProcess] Implement buffering in OsProcessPipeStreams
66013 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcess tracing
66014 [OsProcess] Implement OsProcess detailed error descriptions
66015 [OsProcess] Ensure NullPipeStreams are polymorphic with read and write pipe streams
66030 [OsProcess] Implement unixprocess compatibility engine for Linux subprocess spawn
66096 [OsProcess] Implement autoFlush API for OsWritePipeStream for interactive control
66097 [Communications] Fix VM crash/exception with #whenTimeoutInMilliseconds:do: and OpenSSL
66103 [OsProcess] Implement OsVastProcess in OsProcesses app
66104 [OsProcess] Implement primitive for OsVastProcess current retrieval
66138 [OsProcess] Implement equality/comparison/hash on OsNativeProcess and subclasses
66139 [OsProcess] Implement runInShell option in OsProcessStarter
66145 [OsProcess] Handle processes that are saved by the image
66153 [OsProcess] Handle subclass scenarios of OsNativeProcess
65703 [HiDPI] HiDPI-Composition Editor-inability to scroll to see additional columns with scaling of 125%
65722 [WB] WindowBuilder Pro map needs to update the linux version of the ENVY/Image Extended Widgets to latest
65731 [Misc] Remove empty class extension of CgDisplay in CwImplementationSupport subapp
65732 [Misc] Remove empty class extension of Object from WindowsCompatiblePlatformInterface subapp
65739 [Sockets] Sockets Communications Apps sending #yourself without previous cascade
65740 [Sockets] Adding more SciError safe guards to SciSocketManager
65762 [Walkback Gen] Change #dumpExternalAppsInfo to use #description instead of #printString for the exception
65767 [WK] Linux-WkTableWidget needs to pass defaultFontList message up to super
65805 [LDAP] LdapBerval struct accessor for bv_val not 64-bit clean
65814 [UI] Adding Windows Control - DateTimePicker part to the Comp Editor causes walkback
65822 [Base] Adjust prim and ffi calls to account for the migration of the prm module into the vm
65828 [Compression] Add #rawCr, #rawLf, #rawCrLf and #newLine into EsCompressionWriteStream
65874 [Misc] Clarify comment in become: to make it more clear that its 1-way become
65879 [HTTP] Automatically set Content-Type for the different kind of requests
65908 [HiDPI] DPIScalerWin6>>getScalingFactor returns Floats which cause walkbacks downstream
65909 [Abt] Add AbtNlsCfsSupportApp as a prerequisite to the AbtDbmKernelApp
65917 [HiDPI] Add DPIScaler info to the walkback
65918 [Walkback Gen] Provide capability to dump system info (details at beginning of walkbacks) to the Transcript on demand
65919 [Walkback Gen]Merge and reuse EsAbstractWalkbackDumper and EmSystemConfigurationDumper dump methods
65934 [EMSRV] Add #keysAndValuesDo: to EsExtendedMethodDictionary in Core
65939 [Code Assist] Handle unreferenced pool dict in EtClassDefinitionCompiler>>virtualCompilePoolDictionaries
65941 [Code Assist] Fix stale scintilla calltip indicators
65958 [Crypto] Add EsSecureRandom RNG which uses the system’s default source of random data.
65965 [UI] CwList walkback with multi-select list used and selection point below last item
65966 [UI] CwDoubleListSelectionPrompter - left list should always be single-select but comes up as multi-select
65973 [VM] Swapper load performance issue
65976 [VM] Fix method bytecodes length calculation for compact methods if they share bytecodes
65987 [EMSRV] usage of findfirst/findnext api usage not 64-bit clean
66016 [Tools] Add "Browse Methods Including String" menu entry and shortcut in "Edit"
66024 [Sockets] Fix SciDispatcher primitive failure with extra argument to #callAccept..
66027 [Sockets] Ensure that senders of #asyncGetLastError and within a "dispatcher execute:"
66071 [HiDPI] Fix usages of completion popup margin width queries to handle fractions
66072 [Crypto] Fix constant values for OpenSSL HKDF and RSAPSS algorithms
66074 [Crypto] Improve default key for XTS encryption mode
66076 [Crypto] Don't attempt to print NULL OpenSSL BigNumber...access violation
66077 [Crypto] DSA_get0_pqg getter for OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 used incorrect FFI function
66078 [Crypto] DSA_set0_pqg getter for OpenSSL >= 1.1.0 should return an int32 success code
66083 [Crypto] scUpdateMenuBarItemsFor: can fail under fast automated open/close window conditions
66086 [UI] CwBasicWidget>>osChildrenIncludes: requires critical guard on Unix
66105 [OsProcess] Implement VMprOsProcGetCommandLine for OsNativeProcess
66106 [OsProcess] Cmd line argument retrieval Windows impl for OsNativeProcess>>commandLine
66111 [Tools] Improve error messages with missing required maps
66112 [Base] Update #conform:/allSatisfy: for better performance
66114 [OsProcess] Implement process info primitive for OsNativeProcess
66117 [Base] Eliminate warnings in CorePI class >> packagingRulesFor:
66120 [MQ Series] MQ Series 64-bit updates required for Linux
66125 [OsProcess] Implement info extension blocks for OsNativeProcess
66126 [OsProcess] Implement API to retrieve all native processes
66127 [OsProcess] Implement API to retrieve all child processes of a native process
66128 [OsProcess] Implement API to retrieve parent(s) processes of a native process
66136 [OsProcess] Implement exit completion notification for non-child processes (OsNativeProcess)
66141 [Base] Incorrect method comment in EsTimeZoneDatabase class>>#posixOffset
66164 [Mail] SMTP: Raise exception if server does not reply with code 220 on connect
66165 [Mail] Transport scheme incorrect in class comments for imap and smtp examples
66166 [OsProcess] Implement isComplete API for OsNativeProcess
67169 [OsProcess] Update EpImageInstructions to include OsProcessesApp in kernel.ic
67173 [Crypto] Remove call to #auxiliaryData: from SciSslPrivateKey class>>#fromFile:password:
67185 [Base] Remove Async Callout IC from the system. Moving it's code into Kernel IC.
67189 [MQ Series] Upgrade IBM MQ support for VAST 2021
67190 [Medscript] Add variable caching to MedScriptManager
67192 [OsProcess] Use EsFuture in OsProcess framework as OsProcess completion notification mechanism
67200 [Future/Promise] EsFuture should always do value injection asynchronously
67204 [Database] Fix null parameter indicator bugs in Oracle 8/10 implementation
67205 [OsProcess] Implement tuning interactive/noninteractive in OsProcessStarter
67207 [Sockets] Improve SciDispatcher>>#callLoopingRecv* as it is already in #callLoopingSend*
67212 [Misc] Ensure or: argument is bracketed expression
67215 [Database] Make a new Feature for PostgreSQL low-level sunit testing
67221 [Database]Add XD Features for PostgreSQL and Glorp, PostgreSQL
67223 [VM] Infinite Loop with EsSleep on Linux
67224 [VM] Transition from duplicate AbtSleep to EsSleep function
67228 [Abt] Allow specifying process priority in AbtWorkQueue
67233 [Sockets] Remove strange condition on #sendShouldLoopAgainWithError:loopTimes:
67259 [Base] Move AbtTimedWait down to EsTimedWait
67270 [Future/Promise] Add exception catching api to EsFuture
67275 [Future/Promise] Future should support multiple thenDo:[] actions
67287 [Mail] SMTP: All smtp response messages must understand serviceNotAvailable
67296 [Future/Promise] Implement Asynchronous Support Framework
67297 [Future/Promise] Add Block>>async Futures API
67298 [Future/Promise] Implement EsFuture>>ensure:
67304 [Future/Promise] Implement Promise.any from Promises/A+ specification
67305 [Future/Promise] Implement Promise.all from Promises/A+ specification
67306 [Future/Promise] Implement EsPromise
67315 [HiDPI] Walkback using AbtCwToolButton with images on AbtCwToolBarView
67318 [Future/Promise] Implemented asynchronous do: iteration
67319 [Future/Promise] Implemented asynchronous whileTrue:[] loop
67320 [Future/Promise] Implemented unhandled error handler in asynchronous framework
67321 [Sst] Fix WebServices with basic auth
67324 [Future/Promise] Implement EsAsyncStackTrace to add detailed walkback info for async operations
67329 [Future/Promise] Implement async iteration methods for collections
67330 [Mail] SMTP: Raise exception on any AUTH error code
67333 [Code Assist] Implement pragmas providing typing information for method return types and arguments
67340 [Mail] SMTP: Ensure shutDown occurs in SstSmtpClient>>quit
67345 [Brace Arrays] Add support for brace array syntax
67346 [Brace Arrays] Modify smalltalk scanner to tokenize brace array syntax
67347 [Brace Arrays] Modify smalltalk parser to construct EsBraceArray parse nodes
67348 [Brace Arrays] Update code assist module to be brace array {} aware
67349 [Brace Arrays] Update CFFormatter to be brace array {} aware
67350 [Brace Arrays] Update RefactoringBrowser to be brace array {} aware
67352 [Brace Arrays] Update Sqa framework to be brace array {} aware
67353 [Mail] SMTP: Add additional checks for helo responses
67356 [Brace Arrays] Update browsers highlighting to be brace array aware
67360 [Tools] Fix config map browser break from slow eventing during req map adding
67361 [Sst] Improve thread safeness in SstPool>>#destroyAllElements
67363 [Brace Arrays] Modify smalltalk code generator to generate code for brace arrays
67369 [Code Assist] Fix class definition compiler for pool dictionaries
67371 [Code Assist] Implement bytecode analysis extension to type inference engine
67379 [Mail] Remove old imap references from class/method comments in SstMailCommunications
67381 [Sockets] Fix leak of Sockets in CLOSE_WAIT status when serving HTTP
67382 [Misc] Clarify method comments of #critical and #critical:
67384 [Code Assist] Fix Incorrect scintilla lexer state transition from close curly brace to identifier token
67385 [Code Assist] Adjust scintilla lexer to account for $} when identifying keyword messages
67387 [Sockets] Make SstSocketTransport >> findReadyConnection more interrupt friendly
67389 [Future/Promise] Enhance Async Framework to be Halt/Debug friendly
67390 [Database] #convertQuerySpecToPostgresFormat: should NOT use Script Manager #asArrayOfLines
67393 [Tools] "VA: Mastering ENVY/Developer Tools" feature breaks app config browser with #medZipUpNamesMenu
67394 [Base] Class comments for EsWaitApp
67397 [Future/Promise] Ensure resignaling of async errors passes that object to error handlers
67408 [Database] Thread leak in Database system with AllCallsThreaded is true
67409 [OLE] Improve error handling in OLE initialization
67411 [VM] convic.exe fails to dump generated image in 922
67413 [Tools] #stsScrubImage should also call #refreshMethodSelectors
67416 [Code Assist] Add Markdown Support to Workspaces
67418 [Code Assist] Add multi-language support for Med Script Manager
67430 [Walkback Gen] EsInteractiveDebugStartUp class >> reportError:resumable:startBP: should print recursive error to stdout
67431 [Code Assist] Fix code completion in remote debugger inspector
67443 [Code Assist] Fix smalltalk lexer on methods with primitive tags and temp sections
67450 [UI] alter contact information in VisualAgeAssist>>#launchWindowBuilder
67456 [UI] Text edit fields (MLE, text box) changes background color when changing foreground color.
67467 [Walkback Gen] Dump also INI being used in walkback header
67468 [Tools] Stop wrapping Application Revision Notes at 64 chars
67479 [VM] GPF handling not working on Linux
67481 [UI] AbtBitmapDescriptors created from dlls do not scale up/down properly
67485 [VM] Fix possible segmentation fault when exiting the image on Linux
67488 [Tools] Add Tools menu item to toggle EtWindows ExecLongOperationsInBackground variable
67497 [Walkback Gen] Dump OpenSSL info in walkback
67498 [VM] Speedup >= and <= numbers operations and correctly deal with NaN
67513 [Tonel/Git] Create Tonel feature and and Tonel Test feature
67515 [Future/Promise] Add type annotations to EsFuture/EsPromise public API
67520 [VM] Rare bug in ascii->ebcdic bytecode conversion
67521 [HTTP] Wrong redirect logic causing SstHttpClient to retry multiple times on certain condition
67533 [Mail] SMTP: More gracefully handle invalid connection urls
67538 [Base] Bug in EsScanner>>readNumber when scanning $e to build floats representations
67542 [Sockets] Make SstSocketTransport >> retrieveAcceptedSocket for robust for not connected listeningSocket
67544 [Tools] Add support to correctly deal with PRAGMA methods during fileout and filein
67549 [Walkback Gen] Add "Working Directory" and "Startup Directory" info to Filesystem section on Walkback header
67550 [Walkback Gen] Add new section for Windows special directories and bitness in Walkback header
67551 [Walkback Gen] Add ICX full path info in "Command Line" walkback section
67563 [Base] Add support for IsWow64Process() in PlatformInterface and PlatformFramework
67564 [Abt] Center the Archival App dialog prompt
67571 [LDAP] Add missing return in LdapSession >> init and small improvements
67589 [Base] Be able to query VM JIT status from Smalltalk
67590 [Walkback Gen] Dump "JIT status" to walkback header
67597 [Code Assist] Fix code assist moveTemp refactorings when pragmas are present
67598 [Code Assist] Integrate Method type annotations with Refactoring Browser for Class Rename
67599 [Code Assist] Integrate classes referenced in type annotations into the Class References of the system
67618 [Abt] AbtTimedWait should just inherit everything from EsTimedWait and avoid edge case thread leak
67641 [UI] VAST Platform rebranding for VAST 2021
67648 [Database] Update GLORP version for VAST 2021
67667 [VM] Fix for invalid ScaledDecimal comparison with equal bytes but different sign
67691 [OSProc] Sockets must be marked as non-inheritable on Windows
67692 [OSProc] CFS file descriptors must marked as non-inheritable on Windows
67708 [VM]Machine stack overflow while translating a really large method
67727 [UI] Improve CgWindow class>>#currentVirtualScreenRect for multi monitor case
67735 [Abt] More robust AbtCLDTAdditions class >> #eventDependentsFor:of:
67736 [Windows] Fix strings written in AbtNtServiceInterface >> writeEventLog:id:withArguments:
67737 [Xml] Fix case of no schema on AbtXmlSchemaOutputSerializer >> getActualTypeFor:baseType:context:
67738 [Base] More robust removal of resources in AcoResourceManager >> addGroup:
67739 [UI] More robust EwHierarchy, EwList and EwTableListNode
67741 [SST] Fix edge case of no configuration in SstTransport >> emptyMessageTo:
67742 [SST] Improve String >> sstUrlDecode: for faulty data
67743 [Sockets] Fix edge case of nil handle in SstSocketTransport >> isClosed:
67754 [SST] Add safe guard to SstWorkerManager>>dispatch:
67765 [HTTP] SstHttpServletRequest>>#postFields should only parse data with when mime is 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded'

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