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Continuing VAST's Unicode Support: Databases and GLORP

Starting with VAST Platform 2024 (13.0.0), we introduced Unicode support in our Database Management (DBM) libraries. Unicode support works as an opt-in feature that can be enabled or disabled per connection, per database platform, or globally for all connections. Introduction Previously, if you stored text in a database that supported Unicode — by storing strings […]

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Understanding and Tuning the VAST Garbage Collector

In a low-level programming language like C, it's the developer's responsibility to allocate and free memory by using standard library functions such as malloc() and free(). On the other hand, many high-level languages provide automatic memory management where the language runtime assumes responsibility for reclaiming memory no longer accessible to the program. There are many […]

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Bridging the Gap with Toit — A Rich Dev Experience for Microcontrollers

Instantiations has been working with IoT (Internet Of Things) technology alongside the VAST Platform for a few years at this point. As a result of this research and development, we're improving VAST and finding new technologies to complement it (one of them you'll read about in this post). Outside of R&D, we're sponsors of the […]

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Porting the Latest Seaside to VAST using Tonel Tools

When VAST Platform 2021 (10.0.0) was released earlier this year, the Seaside version it shipped with was v3.2.0 (from 2016). It was time for an update. For our next release, VAST Platform 2022 (11.0.0), we decided it was a good time to port the latest Seaside version (v3.4.4 as of this post), and to create […]

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